About me

I’m a digital all-rounder living in Dalston, London. I taught myself web design and development in 2007 and never looked back.

What I do

I work in, but not limited to, front-end development. I’ve built websites for large and small companies, freelanced for a lot of London agencies and several startups.

My forte is responsive web design and development, WordPress, web applications, mobile websites, designing in the browser and live/HTML prototyping.

Right now

I split my time between freelancing and building Vibecast, a side-project I’m designing in Sketch and developing in Laravel and Vue.js. I also co-organise London Vue.js Meetup.


I’m always looking for a good project. I’m happy to work on location in London or Berlin, and happier working remotely. Send me a message via email [email protected] or Twitter @jackbarham.